H. Antoni Carvajal is a musician, composer and producer of music videos, documentaries and conceptual projects.
Responsible of  the audiovisual and artistic repertoire for  Networld Music and SangredeAmerica.org (organization that promotes the defense and self-determination of indigenous communities, spreads the value of ancestral traditions, raises the ideology, the cosmogony and the simple lifestyle of the native villages, which still continue to be subject to the progressist civilization). Originary  from  the Venezuelan andean region, for over 25 years Hildegard Antoni Carvajal has made numerous trips and stays among the cultures of the hidden peoples through South America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.
His several productions range from traditional to contemporary sounds, percussive music, electro pop, soundtracks and dance remixes, released through license or  distribution parnership by Sony Music, Universal, Warner, Self Distribuzioni, Virgin Records, Polydor, Univision, Mercury Records, Edel Music, Scorpio Music  and other independent labels.


His  documentaries and books  immersed in the current social reality and bring to light the true story of ethnic minorities, after centuries of annihilation, colonization and transculturation.
Tito Puente, Gerardo,  Noelia, Barrio Boyzz, Coco’n’ Club, Fulanito  Javier Garcia, Daniela Pedali and others, confirm  an  excellent placement in Europe  and great response of international audiences.
H. Antoni Carvajal search personally careful approach and respectful of ancient cultures, in order to meet the different interpretations related to the tribal rhythmics, ethnographic and spiritual. Worked with artists of different nationalities, and social background music styles, combining aspects of folklore with the popular elements, indigenous chants and rural tools, creating a fusion that mixing, modern technology and ancient cultures with a sophisticated atmospheres.