Listen to ancestral chants … intense melody of native people… universal thunder of an unknown Ritual.

Networld Music is a label that promotes new approaches to the production of traditional folklore and ethnographic music from all over the world. It offers motives with unprecedented sound, where different and emotional cultural roots, natural vibrations, social struggles and ancestral beliefs emerge, bringing the listener to A journey into the vast dimensions of the sound, of the human spirit.

Networld Music presents the musical anthology that combines evocative rituals, animistic peoples and tribal songs into one hymn of hope: Oceania, South America, Africa, Asia, the East, the West, past, present, modern technology combine with tribal sounds and Evocative lyricals, giving rise to the awakening of consciousness and the new sound energy of humanity.

Native, ancient and contemporary instruments carry the public in an unknown ritual made up of sacred symbols, art, mysterious motives, and indigenous voices that evoke human hope and survival on our planet earth

Music from the adventure places