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Tibet – The Last Voices From Himalaya

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Tibet- The last voices from Himalaya

Produced by the Venezuelan Producer H. Antoni Carvajal Tibet the last voices from Himalaya combines contents, folklore, mystical cadences and original images , integrally engaged with the history of the Dalai Lama exile (march 10th -1959). In “TIBET THE LAST VOICES “ the mantra of the song has been chanted by tibetan Buddhist monks, the music video ” spirit of hope ” is the first single from the album Tibet – The Last Voices From Himalaya, a concept project Produced by SANGRE AMERICA. ORG in support of the TIBETAN CHILDREN’S VILLAGES the entire audio-visual project includes a DVD documentary, a illustrated book of 288 pages and a musical suite with 16 tracks performed by artists from Tibet, Myanmar, India, Buhtan and Nepal. A journey in the pacific rural tradition which brings back to light myths, history and legends. This project is a hymn to hope that reveals the spiritual essence of the Buddhism. ” Join us to make our voice stronger ” (TCV India)

Boudhanath and Lama Geshe

Tibet- The last voices from Himalaya – Documentary

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